High-frequency Ultrasound Imaging Probe

Intraoperative Surgical Guidance

Surgical guidance and quality assessment

Reduce the risk of early graft failure, stroke, myocardial infarction or recurrent angina, and provide improved quality of life for your patients.

Epiaortic imaging allows for sensitive and direct diagnosis of aortic disease, which can lead to modifications in intraoperative surgical management.

Epicardial imaging can be used intraoperatively to assess coronary morphology, strategize graft placement and visualize constructed anastomosis.

Performing imaging of the carotid arteries following a carotid endarterectomy allows for visualization of the lumen, which can uncover technical imperfections. If these imperfections are not addressed, they may result in thrombus formation and potential stroke.

Optimized for intraoperative use

The 128-element transducer operates at frequencies of up to 18 MHz. The following imaging modes are supported: 2D – B Mode, CFM – Color Flow Mapping and PW – Pulsed Wave Doppler, or combinations of these.

Medistim’s L15 imaging probe is unique in being approved for direct contact with cardiac tissue and the central circulation system. Designed to meet worldwide sterilization standards, Medistim’s L15 imaging probe has been validated for low-temperature gas plasma sterilization, so there is no need for a sterile probe cover. The acoustic properties of the probe allows for extreme near-field resolution (1–7 mm).