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Ensuring Optimal Outcomes: Precision in Cardiac, Vascular  & Transplant Surgery.

MiraQ™ Cardiac

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MiraQ Cardiac System

MiraQ™ Vascular

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MiraQ™ Ultimate

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MiraQ Ultimate System
MiraQ™ Cardiac
MiraQ™ Vascular
MiraQ™ Ultimate

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Dive into our resource hubs for Cardiac, Vascular, and Transplant surgery.
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Benefits of working with Medistim

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Innovation - 40 Years  

You're always at the forefront, using the best in surgical technology to optimize patient outcomes.

Balance Cost
& Performance

As the market leader in TTFM, we strive for a no-compromise approach to balancing quality, performance and cost-effectiveness.

Backed by clinical research

Medistim devices are backed by rigorous clinical research, demonstrating their effectiveness and safety in various surgical settings.

It’s an amazing device and we’re 

really excited to be able to offer this

level of surgical excellence to


Dr. Gregory Trachiotis, Chief of Cardiac Surgery, Washington DC VA Medical Center